The Scent of A Waterbuck

When driving in the Kruger National Park it is common to spot the waterbuck at one of the waterholes or along the rivers where they can be found in a herd of between (-+) 6 – 12. In summer times herds can grow even more. One gloomy overcast day while out on safari, our guide spotted a herd of sub-adults resting in a star formation. This was very interesting and could be because it provides the herd with a full 360-degree security monitor.

With the glands of a waterbuck secreting an oily coating which has a turpentine-like odour, you can often smell them before you see them. It aids in waterproofing the coat as waterbuck spend a lot of time in the water nibbling on grass between the reeds and run into water for protection when danger looms. Because of this the waterbuck is not usually the first choice on the menu for the predators. The only time you will spot a lone waterbuck is usually the older mature waterbuck bulls which tend to mind their own business and respect the territorial boundaries of others.

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