Vital Information

To ensure a pleasant and successful trip through the Kruger National Park it is essential that you adhere strictly to the regulations which are intended for your protection and enjoyment.


  • Visitors must remain in their vehicles unless in a designated area. Remember that no part of the body may protrude from a window or sunroof or any other part of the vehicle. Vehicle doors should be closed at all times.
  • Stick to the speed limit! All general rules of the road apply within the Kruger National Park. The speed limit is 50 km/h on tar roads and 40 km/h on gravel roads. Please note that not all roads are accessible to caravans
  • Take note of the gate times in your green gate permit. Gate times must be strictly adhered to and late comers will be subject to a fine.
  • Vehicles must remain on the designated roads at all times – no driving “off-road” or on roads with a “no entry” sign.
  • The feeding or disturbing of animals is a serious offence. Remember, animals see litter as food!
  • Overnight visitors are only allowed to stay at a booked and recognised overnight facility and must report to reception before occupying accommodation or camping.
  • All accommodation and camping sites may be occupied from 14:00 on the day of arrival and must be vacated by 10:00 on the day of departure.
  • Vehicles of a carrying capacity exceeding 4 000kg, buses or any vehicles with more than 25 seats, are restricted to the tar roads.
  • A stringent noise restriction is enforced between 21:30 and 06:00. The use of cell phones is permitted only in camps, gates and in cases of emergency.
  • The use of roller skates, skateboards, bicycles and motorbikes is prohibited.
  • The Kruger National Park is a malaria zone – we advise that all visitors adhere to their doctor’s instructions.
  • Roadside assistance, toll free number 0800 030 666 (Vuswa).
  • Rules and regulations are enforced under the National Environmental Management: Protected Areas Act, 2003 (Act no. 57 of 2003) and transgression can result in a fine.
  • To ensure that you see all the animals you want, have a look at the spotting board in the various receptions to track the latest game spotting.

24- Hour Emergency Call Centre No: (013) 735 4325


The Kruger National Park is also home to the Office of the State Veterinarian. Please assist them by obeying these rules:

  • No live animal (domestic or wild) may be brought into, or removed from, the Kruger National Park. NO PETS ARE ALLOWED.
  • No raw, wild-animal derived products such as meat, bones, organs and hides may be brought into or removed from the Kruger National Park.
  • Raw meat and dairy products may be brought into the Kruger National Park for your own consumption. However, no raw products from cloven hoofed animals (milk or meat) will be allowed to leave the Kruger National Park through any of the official South African entrance gates unless it is still packaged in a sealed container identifiably market to confirm its South African origin, source or distributor.
  • Commercially packaged fish and poultry are exempt from these restrictions.
  • Fully processed curios are exempt from these restrictions.

Should you be unclear on any of these regulations or require more information, please contact:
The Office of the State Veterinarian at P O Box 12, Skukuza, 1350.
You can also phone (013) 735 5641 or fax (013) 735 5155 during office hours