With 2 million hectares of pristine wild land to explore, and with a population of more than 13 000 elephants, the Kruger National Park has become one of the best places in Africa to see these magnificent, gigantic peaceful beasts.

There is no feeling quite like seeing an elephant for the very first time. It doesn’t matter how many videos you have watched or how many photos of elephants you have seen, when you encounter one during a Kruger Park safari, the feeling is absolutely surreal. The sheer size of these animals is quite unbelievable and they will definitely leave you feeling a little humble. Although they are larger than anything you have seen before, the elephant is for the most part quite relaxed, provided you respect their space and know the signs of an unhappy elephant (when the ears start flapping it is time to get out of the way).

When going on a safari trip, the elephant is just one of the many animals you are probably hoping to come across. These animals have such an incredible reputation and they have become the kind of sighting that can leave you quite in awe. They are also a part of the famous Big 5, and while the other members of the Big 5 can be a little more elusive, the elephant is not shy to make an appearance, and let’s face it, at that size they are hard to miss.

The Best Places to see Elephants

There is no general rule to finding these giants. You could be entering a southern gate and right as you drive through, an elephant could be standing right there, munching on something. This is because these animals are known for roaming.

Generally, when you are travelling the park and you come across elephants, you will see small herds of small males who are on their own adventures and hoping to form new families. When you start driving up into elephant country, you can expect to see bigger herds which include those legendary matriarchs.

If these are the kind of sightings you want to experience, heading north will be your best bet, especially if you travel around the Letaba region. North of the Olifants River is also a great place to spot huge herds of elephants, with some herds consisting of some 30 to 40 animals. Calves, Matriarchs and bulls also tend to stick close to water sources, so keep an eye out when near rivers and dams.

The best time of year to see elephants is between May and August, when the vegetation is not so dense.

To increase your chances of seeing the wildlife you have always wanted to see, you should book a Kruger Park safari with an experienced tour company like ours. We know the best spots and the best roads for seeing all the animals you have always hoped to see.