It’s that time of the year in the Kruger. The rainy season has arrived in all of its glory and the park is fast becoming a green haven once again. The rivers are filling, the animals are thriving, and the dams are full and ready for the coming dry months. And since it is December, and it is almost time for the holiday break, and if you are going on a safari during this rainy season, there is a lot that you can look forward to.

A rainy day safari is not necessarily a bad thing if you know how to prepare for this kind of trip. There are many great reasons why going on a safari in the rain is actually a great experience and we at Elephant Herd will help you make the most of your December safari.

Why go on a rainy season safari?

From seeing some of the new born animals that roam the park at this time of the year, to seeing all of that incredible greenery and the accompanying flowers that are just coming up everywhere, there are quite a few good reasons you should visit the Kruger now.

The December break comes at the height of the rainy season, and since this is not the kind of weather that everyone likes, you could find that the Kruger is quite empty in various places.

If you are going on a self-drive safari, be sure to keep an eye out for flooded roads, as they can be dangerous to pass.

Kruger Park safaris

Tips for surviving the trip

  1. Be mentally ready

If the days are set to be filled with rain, and there is no hope of it letting up, you need to be prepared for the disappointment of a washed out trip. Animals are more likely to hide when the rain gets too heavy and the visibility can be rather rubbish. So while those quick showers are nothing to worry about, days of rain can be a downer.

  1. Be prepared

With the right clothing and some really good electronic protection, you will be ready to occasionally get drenched. It is better to prepare from the outset, rather than wait for the rain to set in and to end up getting wet before you put on your gear.

  1. Be safe

Thunderstorms in the Kruger can be a violent show of nature’s power and 100s of millimeters of water can fall within minutes, especially if you are travelling during the hurricane season. This makes flooding inevitable and often roads either get washed out or they are flooded by rivers that burst their banks. You should never take a chance on a flooded road, it is far safer to assume the road is dangerous and to find another route.

We’d like to wish all of our wonderful guests, new and old, a joyous Christmas and a peaceful holiday break. We can’t wait to welcome in the New Year.