The winter months are coming to a fast close and the first signs of spring are popping out everywhere. For those planning a Kruger Park safari, now is the best time to book your trip. The vegetation is still sparse, but the Kruger has a certain kind of magic that makes it an incredibly special place to travel.

With the new shoots coming out, the flowers starting to bloom, and all of the new babies making their big debut, a trip to the Kruger might be just the thing you need to revive your spirits and give you the energy you need to get through these trying times.

We at Elephant Herd are excited about this new season and with our Kruger Park safaris, we can promise our guests a most memorable trip. The lovely warm weather, the incredible wildlife, and all of the many flowers you will see in the African bush, all make a trip with us, at this time of the year, a decision you won’t regret.

Spring Flowers

The Kruger National Park has far more flowers than animals, and so it would be about impossible to list all of the flowers you might come across. The flowers we’re talking about below are easy to identify and quite common sights.

The Kudu and the Impala Lily

Iconic is the word used to describe both of these stunning flowers. And at this time of the year, they are getting their new leaves and starting to bud (again). These lilies are actually winter blooms, but at this time of the year they tend to bloom again before disappearing until the autumn.

It is not all that common to see either of these lilies in random spots around the Kruger, but they are planted in most of the rest camps and are one of the first plants you’ll see when entering Skukuza.

Kudu lilies are white while the impala lily is a bright pink, you won’t easily miss them.

Barberton Daisy

There are smatterings of this vibrant little daisy in the southern Kruger, but you are most likely to see them in rest camps, where they can be better looked after. Barberton Daisies can come in a range of colours with the most common being pink and orange. They tend to grow close to rocks and are rather small, so keep an eye out.

Wild Foxglove

Wild African Foxgloves are annual flowers and they grow quite big and tall in the Kruger. For the most part, they are white but there are variations of light shades of pink. These flowers grow in the Lowveld and in Limpopo, so you have a good chance of seeing them.


Seen in the ponds in Skukuza and often spotted in dams and along slow moving parts of various rivers, the water lily is impossible to miss. A big purple flower with a bright yellow inner, the water lily is sometimes seen worn by hippos or can be home to turtles and birds looking for a place to rest.