One of the most beautiful times of the year to take a trip to the famous Kruger National Park is autumn.

The heat of the summer is slowly dissipating, the landscape is changing and becoming drier, and the wildlife is a little happier with being out in the sun, although they might still hide away from the intense midday heat, which can still feel very much like summer.

For those who want to have the best kind of Kruger Park safari, autumn is a perfect season for travelling, for a number of reasons.

Autumn in the Kruger runs from around March to the end of May, and while there are some school holidays in between and the Easter Long Weekend, for the majority of the time, the park is not too overcrowded.

Unlike other destinations in the world, the Kruger is not the sort of place that has that typical autumn look. The trees don’t all turn shades of yellow, orange and red, before shedding their leaves, and although the rains have mostly passed, the plants are still thriving in the cool autumn weather, with some still in full bloom.

What to pack for your autumn Kruger Safari?

The days are cooler but they are not cold. So when you are planning an autumn trip into the park, you shouldn’t pack all of your winter clothing. Instead, pack some light summer clothes and a warm jersey or two. This will keep you comfortable all throughout your stay.

The arrival of autumn also means that the days are clear skied and the chances of a storm raining out your safari is very slim. It does rain at this time of year although it is usually the more gentle kind rather than a heavy storm.

You should also make sure that you bring along your hat and sunblock, because although the days are cooler the sun can still end up giving you quite a burn.

If you plan on taking some photos at this time of the year, you are in luck. The autumn months provide some of the most beautiful light, especially during the early morning and late afternoon. While in the summer months the light is warm and gives off a deep orange glow, in the autumn and winter months, the light is crisp and quite magical. This makes for some truly stunning photos and it also gives you a chance to really capture the bushveld as it was meant to be photographed.

At Elephant Herd, we have a variety of exciting Kruger safari packages for our clients to book. Our safari packages suit all kinds of holiday expectations as well as budgets and you can check out each package on our website. An autumn safari is unforgettable and in the cooler weather, you can really sit back and appreciate the wilderness and beauty of the Kruger and its wildlife, without having to worry about the heat ruining the occasion.