Kruger park day safaris

Nurseries of Impala

During May, the shortening of the days creates a hormone which is produced in the males, leading to a build-up of brown fat in their necks. These enlarged necks elicit oestrus among ewes and once being successfully impregnated, the gestation period is between 185 – 205 days.

Groups of young impalas are called creches. These offspring get to groom and play together as births are synchronized as a defence mechanism against prey.

Being the McDonalds of the bush, these mass births occur from the middle of November to December, which is when the first summer rains have fallen and the new grass grows. Steven-Hamilton has recorded the earliest lambs spotted on the 28th of October. This gives the lambs a fighting chance of survival by hiding between the long grass and having plenty of vegetation to graze on.

Join us in the Kruger Park to enjoy these beautiful nursery herds of baby impala who make for captivating viewings.