The Kruger National Park is easily one of South Africa’s most visited attractions. Not only does it attract thousands of international tourists each year, but the park is also a popular place for locals looking for a peaceful, laidback holiday. Of all the safari parks in Africa, the Kruger is considered to be one of the most easily accessible. The park has numerous entry and exit points for guests to use, and some are more out of reach than others.

The park’s most popular gates are those in the southern part of the park, which is the area most accessible to local and international travellers alike.

Whenever you are travelling to the Kruger and you are planning on staying overnight in the park, you should know that there are gate times for the camps and gate times for the park itself. It is important that you plan your days in such a way that you won’t be late for the camp closing times and that when you are looking to leave the park after your holiday that you plan for enough time to leave before the main park gates close.

The Most Used Kruger Gates

The most popular entry and exit gates in the Kruger are those close to the various towns around the park. Hazyview and Malelane are the two towns that park guests tend to pass through before entering the park. This means Phabeni Gate and Kruger Gate (Hazyview) and Malelane Gate (Malelane), are some of the most popular and busy entry and exit points.

The proximity of these gates to these towns also means guests who don’t want to stay overnight in the park can instead choose to book a stay in one of these towns.

Since these gates are in the Southern Kruger, they lead park guests into one of the areas which are most popular for wildlife viewing.

The Least Used Kruger Gates

Popular with those who live in the Limpopo Province and those travelling through the northern part of the part, the Kruger’s northern gates are not easily accessible and so these gates are just not used as often as the rest.

For the most part, the north of the Kruger National Park is reserved for those who are visiting the park for a couple of days. This area of the park is home to less wildlife and it is also a lot hotter and dryer.

The Gate to Avoid

Most of the Kruger’s gates are safe to access. But Numbi Gate, which is also quite close to Hazyview is considered dangerous. After a couple of criminal incidences, tourists are warned to avoid using this gate and to steer clear of the Numbi area altogether.

If 2023 is the year that you want to travel to the Kruger National Park, be sure to save time and money by booking a Kruger safari and enjoy being guided on an epic adventure along the dusty tracks.