The Kruger National Park is packed full of a wide variety of different wildlife species. Although the Park is split up into different sections, with some wildlife preferring certain areas over others, most of the wildlife can be seen in the Southern Kruger, which also happens to be the area in which we take our guests on their Kruger Park safaris.

At Elephant Herd, we can’t guarantee that you will see the wildlife that you have come to see, but we can guarantee that you will have a most amazing safari, the type that you will not soon forget. We take our guests to areas in the Kruger where wildlife is often spotted and we stay in communication with other safari vehicles, which allows us to quickly respond to nearby wildlife sightings.

Whether you are visiting the Kruger National Park for the 1st time or the 50th, you will probably have a mental list of the types of animals you hope to see. For some guests, even if they have seen the animal before, seeing it again is something special. And when you are planning your next Kruger Park safari, here are 5 animals that you should keep a look out for.

Kruger park safaris
  1. Spotted Hyena

The spotted hyena gets a bad rap. Often considered nothing more than a lowly scavenger, the hyena is actually a wonderful, and surprisingly caring, creature. They look out for their own and they always take good care of their cubs, even if their primary way of getting food is by stealing scraps from the kills of bigger predators.

This hyena has an incredible laugh that is very much unique to it, and its unique colouring is also a dead giveaway when it comes to identifying this animal.

  1. Cheetah

Although you will have better luck seeing the cheetah when you are in the central or northern areas of the Kruger, where the open plains give this fastest land animal the space to unleash its speed potential, there is always the odd chance that you see a cheetah further down in the park.

The cheetah is often confused with the leopard, although when you compare the animals they couldn’t be more different. Leopards are usually bulkier and they have bigger heads, while the cheetah is sleek and has tear markings on its face.

  1. Wild Dog

Only the very lucky get to see the Wild Dog and when a lucky guest does get to spot one, it is cause of celebration. Wild Dogs have a one of a kind colouring and their facial features and build are closely related to a domestic dog. Wild Dogs are energetic and they are some of Africa’s most successful hunters.

  1. Giraffe

For the person who sees a giraffe for the first time, it is a bit of an awe inspiring feeling. Giraffes are just so big! An image or a video clip of a giraffe simply don’t do the size of this animal any real justice. So while the giraffe might not be the kind of animal that is listed as the most sought after, we believe it should be.

  1. Hippo

The hippo is one of Africa’s most feared animals. Don’t be deceived by its bulk, this animal can really move it when on land and they are known to bite when they feel threatened. Hippos are quite easy to find as they frequent rivers and some watering holes.