The largest rest camp in the Kruger National Park, and also the Kruger’s capital, Skukuza is as popular as the park itself. It sits comfortably on the banks of the Sabie River and it is the one place that just about every Kruger Park safari will stop at for lunch or just to stretch the legs.

Although it is a big camp and is the administrative headquarters of the park, it is first and foremost a rest camp and as such it offers everything you could expect, from luxury accommodation to camping, picnicking spots and more.

The camp is in the perfect place for day visitors to make it their destination of choice. Day guests will usually arrive at the camp at around 10am to grab some snacks, and will return at lunchtime for a meal.

The History of the Camp

There is a lot of history behind the camp, from its name down to the fact that it features a museum as well as other places of historical significance.

The camp was named after the first warden of the Kruger, James Stevenson-Hamilton. Having taken up the tough job of looking after the camp and making sure that the park could become what it is today, he is a credit to the Kruger and without his efforts, we might not be able to enjoy the utter splendor that the park has to offer these days.

The name Skukuza means “he who sweeps clean” and it was the nickname given to him by the locals.

When you are in the camp you should make a point of checking out the Stevenson-Hamilton memorial library as well as the museums. Even if you are on a Kruger Park safari, you should be able to have enough time to take a walking tour of the attractions.

Things to do in Skukuza

Although the real attractions are the wildlife that surround the camp, there are a few things you can do in the camp if you are looking to stretch your legs.

  • Have Breakfast

Since most tours start just before 6am, by 8am most guests are famished. Breakfast at Skukuza is a wonderful way to start the day and with the gorgeous views it is a truly relaxing place to spend some time before heading back into the park to continue looking for wildlife.

  • Wildlife Viewing

Since the camp is located on the banks of the Sabie River, guests to the camp are often treated to some pretty spectacular wildlife sightings. Baboons and monkeys can sometimes be seen roaming the camp, and there are also some really beautiful hornbills that are known to walk around looking for breadcrumbs.

  • Pick up a souvenir

In the camp’s shop, there is a combination of groceries as well as exciting, and really affordable souvenirs for sale. You could pick up a one of a kind piece of jewellery, an item of clothing or a stuffed toy.

At Elephant Herd, our Kruger Park tours stop off at Skukuza, where our guests can enjoy the attractions that the camp has to offer.