A rest camp situated at about the halfway mark of the Kruger National Park, Satara is a place that many people have quickly fallen in love with. Incredibly rustic, and well known for its nearby lion prides, Satara is a haven for the weary traveller heading north on a Kruger Park safari, and it offers a quiet spot, away from the crowds, to just kick back and relax.

For most day visitors, this camp is not likely to be a place that they get to see. Given its location close to the middle of the park, it ends up being just too far away from the Kruger gates that most day visitors will use to access the park. But Satara is a great place to stay if you are an overnight visitor, and since it is one of the bigger camps in the park, it has a great selection of accommodation as well as the various amenities that you might be looking for.

A bit about Satara

Satara is the Kruger National Park’s third largest camp. The reason why it has been built where it is, has to do with the trekkers who moved up into the area during the 1800s. Looking for a viable place to make their home, they relied on the expertise of talented Indian surveyors, one of whom placed a marker at present day Satara. Unfortunately his name was lost to history but the camp is named after the number 17 that he placed there. In Hindi, 17 is called Satra.

Today the camp is quite popular with those who are spending more than a few days in the park and who are looking for a certain type of experience. The area is in a rather dry, flat spot and so big cats are known to prowl the nearby bush and can often be spotted close to the camp’s gates.

The camp is built in such a way that the bungalows and some of the other accommodation is situated on boundary, close to the fence. At night hyenas and other wildlife come right up to the fence and can be observed rather up close.

Along with having some great accommodation options, the camp has also been set up in such a way that day guests can stop here to stretch their legs and to have a bite to eat.

As for accommodation, Satara provides guests with a wide range of accommodation options and there are about 100 camping/caravan spots. Many of the camp’s bungalows rely on communal kitchens, but there are a few that have their own. The camp also has disability friendly accommodation, which can be asked for when making a booking.

Camp Facilities

  • A restaurant
  • A cafeteria
  • A Laundromat
  • A filing station
  • Basic medical assistance
  • Limited TV in the bungalows and guest houses

A stay at Satara is one that will be memorable and which might even become one of your favourite things about your Kruger Park safari. If you intend on staying the park for a few days, this camp should be high up on your list.