This is certainly not a camp that you will easily be able to get to as a southern Kruger day visitor, but for those headed north for a couple of days, Punda Maria offers an unforgettable stay and the most comfortable accommodation, well away from the immense crowds that the southern camps are so well known for having.

For the adventurer who doesn’t want an everyday Kruger Park safari, Punda Maria is an attractive camp. Situated at the very top of the Kruger National Park, this camp is somewhat secluded and also one of the youngest camps. It is the perfect place to stay if you are spending a couple of weeks in the Kruger and you are looking for an all-round experience that will have you feeling as though you’ve had a real taste of all that the Kruger has to offer.

The northern Kruger must be one of the least explored areas because for many it is just so hard to get to. The drive is long, especially when having to stay within the 50km/h rules, but when you finally book into Punda Maria, it can feel like coming home after a really long and tiring journey.

Within the camp, you will find all sorts of great accommodation as well as things to do. And with the recent additions of a swimming pool and air conditioning, guests can beat the incredible heat and enjoy a truly laidback and restful stay.

If this is a camp you are interested in spending some time at, here’s what you need to know.


The accommodation in the camp is what you can expect from any camp in the Kruger. It is that perfect blend of rustic and comfortable. Guests can look forward to camping, safari tents, bungalows with communal kitchens, and family bungalows, ideal for bigger groups. Punda Maria is a perfect option for all of those who want to enjoy that real bushveld experience, as much of the accommodation is very must in tune with the surrounding nature.

Camp Facilities

Unlike the other camps in the park, there are far fewer activities to take part in. This is only because the camp is far smaller than most of the others in the park. But if you are looking at a couple of things to do when you are in the camp, you can look forward to guided bush walks, game drives, the Paradise Flycatcher Camp Walk, the Nyalaland Wilderness Trail, and the camp also has a bird hide to enjoy.


When travelling in the area, there is quite a lot to see. Some common game sightings include lion, elephant, wild dog, nyala, impala, bushbuck, and even suni. Baboon, Vervet Money and Bushpig also roam the area. To make the most of the animal sightings, you should head to the nearby riverbed.

This is absolutely a camp worth visiting if you find yourself in the neighbourhood, so be sure to make your booking when you are planning your northern Kruger tour.