On the western side of the Kruger National Park, just as you drive through the Orpen gate, lies a quiet rest camp that only those visiting from that side and those planning to spend many days in the park get to see. For the day visitor, Orpen is just out of reach, but if you are planning on spending a couple of days or weeks in the park, a stay here could be just what makes your holiday complete.

Orpen is a beautiful place, even though it has been built at a gate as opposed to further in the park. Along with having great accommodation and facilities, the camp also boasts all sorts of exciting animal sightings, just meters from the perimeter fence. The camp has been named after the donor of the land upon which it is built, Eileen Orpen and has become a preferred place to stay for many park visitors.

Camp Accommodation

As mentioned, although this is considered to be a main rest camp, it is not as popular as say Skukuza and it is certainly not as popular among day guests as it is among the overnight visitors.

The camp does offer a variety of excellent accommodation options, including bungalows, and guest cottages. There is something for everyone at the rest camp and the accommodation as well as the facilities will cater to every kind of requirement. Those who choose to stay here are guaranteed to want to spend more time at the camp because it is just so peaceful.

The camp also has a number of helpful facilities, which include:

  • A public phone
  • A post box
  • A shop
  • A Laundromat
  • A Filling Station
  • A Swimming Pool
  • A picnic area

There are also communal ablutions and a communal kitchen.

What to do

The camp is not just a great place to stay if you are looking for a rustic escape but also if you are looking for a couple of things to do when you are not out on your Kruger Park safari.

Some popular things to do at the camp include guided game drives, guided bush walks, picnics and there is also a nearby bird hide where you can spend a couple of hours looking out for some of the park’s more popular as well as rare birds.

What to see

The rustic nature of the camp means there is always something interesting to see close by. Whether you are only looking out for the Big 5 or if you also hope to see some of the more beautiful plants, there is a lot to love when you are staying at Orpen.

Wildlife to look out for includes warthog, impala, giraffe, elephant, and if you drive towards the Timbavati River you can also see cheetah, leopards, and lion.

For those who are on the lookout for plants, some of the things you can see here include stunning acacia trees, marula trees, and red bush willows. There are also all sorts of aloes and beautiful Barberton daisies within the camp.

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