It is one of the satellite camps that has stayed true to its rather rustic roots and it is a popular place for those who are looking for an escape from the crowds and a way to really disconnect and just be on their own in the (almost) wild. The camp has some of the basics like a communal kitchen and bathroom, and as for sleeping arrangements, you will need to pick a spot and pitch your tent.

The camp is a satellite of the much bigger Orpen Rest Camp, and so you won’t be completely out of touch and away from some of the basic amenities like shops and a fuel station when you stay at Maroela. But once you stay at this satellite camp it is going to be difficult to reacclimatise to going back to normal in a bigger camp or a hotel.

Camping is not something that every tourist is going to want to experience but if you are keen to get outdoors, and experience something like this, you should definitely put this camp on your list of camping locations.

Maroela Camp is close to the Timbavati River, and a large part of the camp looks down over the river bed. When staying here, there is so much to see and a lot of your wildlife sightings can be done from a chair, next to the camp fire. And in the evenings when the sun starts to go down, and the meat is put on the grill, hyenas and lions can be spotted close to the camp, lured in by the delicious smells.

Camp Accommodation

For those embarking on a break in the Kruger National Park, and who will be spending their time enjoying a Kruger Park safari, most accommodation will generally be outside of the park rather than within it. This is mostly because most overseas guests are looking for a more luxurious stay and so camping ends up being the last thing on their minds. Camping is also not so easy when you are not driving yourself around.

Maroela Camp only has camping facilities. The camp has some 20 camping spots and each spot can comfortably accommodate 6 people at a time. Guests at the camp will need to share a communal kitchen and communal bathroom.

The entire camp is managed by nearby Orpen, and when you are looking to sign into the camp, you will need to go to Orpen to do so, because the camp has no reception facilities.

The camp is also completely self-catered, which means you will have to bring along whatever it is that you want to cook.

The camp offers a lot in terms of wildlife sightings. Some of the animals that you could spot in the area around the camp include warthog, zebra, wildebeest, giraffe and elephant. A little north of the camp and you can spot lion, cheetah, and if you are really lucky, leopard too.