A visit to Letaba is usually something only overnight guests get to experience because it is quite out of the way for those who are only going on a Kruger Park safari for the say. But if you intend on spending an evening here, it is worth it.

Letaba is a special place for many reasons.

It is an oasis of sorts in an otherwise dry landscape, situated on a bend in the Letaba River, about halfway between the northern and the southern boundaries of the Kruger.

The camp gets its name from the river it sits on. The name Letaba means “river of sand” and there are plenty of fantastic wildlife viewing opportunities to enjoy when you are travelling in the area or just relaxing in the camp and hoping to spot some animals. Nights are extra special in this rest camp, because the skies are normally packed full of stars and the air is filled with the sounds of all the night birds, bats, critters, and the occasional bone chilling lion roar.

What to see while at Letaba

Letaba and the surrounds is full of wildlife, and because it is such a remote place, because day tourists often don’t drive up this far, when you are out on the road enjoying a drive, you are likely to have the place more or less to yourself.

When you are driving through the area, you should keep your eyes peeled for all of the usual wildlife as well as a few creatures that you might not see anywhere else in the park (or at least not commonly see).

Bushbuck frequent the Letaba region, as do elephant, so you are almost guaranteed to see these animals when out on a drive. If you are a birder, keep a look out for Red Headed Weaver and Fish Eagle.

What to do at Letaba?

As one of the Kruger’s main rest camps, there are a couple of fun things that you can do when here. Activities that you can do include guided bush walks and drives, a bush breakfast, a visit to the Masorini Ruins, a visit to the Matambeni Bird Hide, or a walk on the Olifants Wilderness Trail (which will need to be prebooked).

The camp also hosts movie nights which feature all sorts of wildlife movies, and there is a seasonal children’s educational programme. For most activities, you will need to pay an additional fee.

Accommodation and Facilities

The camp offers a wide variety of top notch accommodation options for guests. There are camp sites, huts, safari tents, bungalows, guest cottages, and guest houses. For those staying in the camp site, there are communal facilities, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Day visitors who are driving up this far will have access to the filing station as well as a picnicking spot, which can be accessed for a small fee.

Letaba has everything you could need from a Kruger Park camp and because it is not frequented by guests, it is a more private and secluded getaway destination.