Going on a Kruger Park safari is a dream for many, especially those eager to witness the untamed beauty of Africa’s wildlife in its natural habitat.

However, you might be wondering why the best Kruger Park safaris often include accommodation in Hazyview or within Sabi Sands rather than within the park itself.

In this guide, we’ll look into the reasons behind why this is and provide both basic information and exclusive insights to help you make the most of your African adventure.

  • Proximity and Convenience – These Places are the Gateway to Kruger Park

Hazyview and Sabi Sands act as gateways to the Kruger National Park, as both destinations are strategically located for easy access to the park’s entrance gates.

Insider Tip: Staying in Hazyview allows you to enjoy a scenic drive along the Panorama Route, adding a cultural and natural dimension to your safari experience.

  • Luxury Accommodation Choices in Hazyview & Sabi Sands 

Both Hazyview and Sabi Sands are renowned for catering to guests who expect to have a luxury holiday while visiting the Kruger. Companies offering Kruger Park safaris go above and beyond to give their guests a taste of the luxury that the area holds and all Kruger packages, even the budget kind include exceptional accommodation.

Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve, adjacent to Kruger Park, in particular, provides an intimate and exclusive safari stay experience, which is why we favour this destination’s accommodation.

  • Wildlife Encounters Beyond Kruger Park

Having the opportunity to see wildlife beyond the park’s boundaries provides a diverse and comprehensive safari adventure. After you have had a Kruger Park safari, take the time to explore the other reserves near Hazyview, such as the Manyeleti Game Reserve, to continue your African wildlife holiday.

  • The Perfect Couples Retreat

For those who are booking a Kruger Park safari as a romantic getaway, Hazyview and Sabi Sands offer the most amazing romantic accommodation options, perfect for couples seeking an intimate safari experience. When on a romantic holiday in the Kruger, you can enjoy private game drives, bush dinners, and starlit nights, creating cherished memories with your loved one.

Booking Your Dream Safari: Tips and Recommendations

To ensure the best holiday possible, we have some tips for you:

  • Planning Ahead of Your Trip: You can secure your ideal accommodation by booking your Kruger Park safari well in advance.
  • Look for Special Packages: Look for safari packages that include not only game drives but also unique experiences like hot air balloon safaris and cultural interactions.

A Kruger National Park safari is a once in a lifetime experience that is well with splashing out on.

So what are you waiting for? Book that journey of a lifetime and let the magic of Kruger Park unfold before your eyes.