Bateleur Eagle’s Moody Expression

A bateleur eagle is one of my favourite raptors as it displays many unusual characteristics. The bateleur eagle can be easier identified as it is well known through its distinctive side to side flight pattern which mimics that of a tight-rope walker.

They also demonstrate some spectacular aerial displays during courtship. Males will take a steep dive towards the females, hearing a loud slap as their wings strike each other, then a follow-the-leader type of display resulting in performing 360-degree barrel rolls.

Bateleurs are monogamous. They are slow maturing and slow breeders, who will mate for life and stay in the same nest for many years where they will only lay one solitary egg at a time. The egg incubation period is 55 days and the chick will be looked after by both parents equally for around 110 days after hatching.

Another thing that makes them unique is their colour changes. The face, legs and talons can give indication of their mood as a pale red/orange hue demonstrates a calm/relaxed mood and a bright red hue a very excited/agitated bird. I hope someday you too will get to witness these birds as sadly they are endangered due to only 2% of chicks maturing to adulthood.

Bateleur Eagle Moody Expressions By Elephant Herd