Kruger National Park is renowned for its breath-taking scenery, magnificent wildlife, and thrilling activities. However, one aspect often overlooked is the delectable cuisine available to satisfy the taste buds of adventurous foodies. While dining options include local restaurants, cafes, and accommodations, our foodie guide will introduce you to a selection of culinary gems that showcase the region’s flavours.

While you will undoubtedly make plenty of fond memories when you are on safari in the Kruger, the food that you try out will add that something special to your trip. When you look back on your time in the park, the food you ate will add the flavour to your memories and become one of the many things that you talk about when you get home.

When you are in the area, here are just a handful of places you should eat.

Three Bridges Restaurant in Hoedspruit

Indulge in an unforgettable dining experience at Three Bridges Restaurant, where mouth-watering dishes are served against a backdrop of mesmerizing views. From the restaurant deck, you may be fortunate enough to witness elephants and waterbuck along the Olifants River. Immerse yourself in the bush ambiance, savouring every bite while admiring the stunning landscape.

Skukuza in the Kruger National Park

Renovated a few years back, the Skukuza restaurant and cafeteria now offer a charming and rustic setting where you can enjoy a delectable meal. The menu caters to safari-goers with a variety of quick and light options, ensuring you maintain energy throughout your adventures. Don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in a pie, gravy, and chips or sample a venison-based dish. And during the scorching summer days, treating yourself to an ice cream at Skukuza is a must!

Skottle Braai at various Kruger Picnic Spots

Some of the most cherished memories in Kruger National Park are formed around a gas skottle at the idyllic picnic spots. While many visitors bring their own gas cookers (known as skottles in South Africa), you can also arrange for a skottle through your tour company. Cooking boerewors for rolls is a popular choice, but the skottle is versatile enough to prepare a delicious breakfast of eggs and bacon. Start your day with a hearty and flavourful meal that warms both body and soul.

The Kruger and its surrounding towns offer up a rustic but delicious menu, ideal for the day traveller as well as those who will be staying overnight. When you are travelling on a Kruger Park safari, make sure that you stop off at a few of these places for a bit to eat. Keep in mind that when you are travelling through the park, you might want to rather stick to light snacks during the day, as opposed to heavy meals.

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