Seeing those fully kitted out safari vehicles driving excited crowds of tourists back and forth in the Kruger National Park is a sight that every local visitor is more than familiar with. But what most local people don’t know, is what it is like to be a part of a guided Kruger Park safari tour.

The past year has changed the way that tourism operates as an industry and the spotlight has been shone directly on the importance of local tourism. With just about everyone staying grounded in their part of the world, more locals have been keen to explore or revisit what home has to offer, without having to jostle with the usual tourist crowds.

This is especially exciting for anyone living close to the Kruger National Park.

On a good day, in the years gone by, local park guests would have had to compete for the best wildlife sightings. For the most part, locals would not take part in such safari tours, for various reasons, but mostly because they are local and prefer to travel in their own vehicles.

But many locals have been curious about what it is like to go on a guided safari and we are here to tell you that it is really quite the experience.

At Elephant Herd, we are a passionate about the Kruger National Park and we are highly experienced when it comes to providing our guests with a once in a lifetime safari experience. We have spent many years offering our unique approach to touring and as a smaller company, we have enjoyed forging close friendships with those who have toured the park with us.

We are keen to share this kind of Kruger trip with locals living in South Africa, and in the Lowveld in particular, because we believe that every person should get to enjoy that one of a kind safari experience.

  1. It’s touristy

Clambering on board a safari vehicle, with a camera and binoculars in hand and a warm blanket on your lap, and setting off on an unforgettable safari trip has a certain touristy vibe about it. Since you are not likely to do this ever again, and since the park is just about empty, now is the best time to become a tourist in your own corner of the world.

  1. It’s affordable

Now is most certainly a great time to go on a Kruger Park safari in a guided vehicle, because it is possibly more affordable than it has ever been. There are loads of specials to take advantage of right now and you can really afford to make this trip one of your family getaways.

  1. It’s laidback

Instead of having to do all the planning and then spending your safari doing all of the driving, when you go on a Kruger Park safari, you can kick back and relax. All you really have to do is book your trip and the rest is generally taken care of. On the day of your trip, you might have to drive to a Kruger gate, but depending on the company you tour with, you could organise a transfer from wherever you are.